Drinks to avoid with braces

When you get traditional metal braces, oral hygiene is paramount to maintaining a healthy smile. Along with regular brushing, there are certain foods and drinks you should avoid in order to maintain your oral health. Drinks that are high in sugar are particularly troublesome.

The sugar in these drinks sticks to your teeth and braces forming the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. As these bacteria grow, they produce an acidic substance that can dissolve the protective enamel on our teeth. Over time, as the enamel is worn away, your teeth can start to turn yellow and cavities can form.

Here are 7 types of drinks to avoid while you have braces.

  1. Soda, both diet and regular. Diet sodas may not contain sugar, but they are still very acidic which can lead to tooth decay.
  2. Sweetened tea
  3. Gatorade
  4. Powerade
  5. Juice Boxes
  6. Lemonade
  7. Energy drinks

So what should you drink with braces?

Water, lots and lots of water. Not only Is drinking water good for your teeth, its good for your overall health. Our bodies are % water.  Staying hydrated can help stabilize blood pressure, clear acne-prone skin and help relieve fatigue.  Milk is also another good choice. Milk contains calcium which is essential to building healthy teeth and bones. If you must have something sweet, try drinks made with water such as Crystal Light.  Although these drinks have a lower concentration of sugar, it still important to brush your teeth thoroughly after you drink them.

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