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Intra-Oral Scanner

What is the secret to making a great impression? At S. Jay Waguespack, DDS, we use our intra-oral digital scanner to ensure that the impressions we take are accurate, efficient, and comfortable every time.

Our hand-held intra-oral scanner takes 3-dimensional digital video impressions with proven accuracy. Even the most challenging cases can be accurately scanned with our intra-oral scanner.

In the past, you may have experienced dental trays that filled with a soft substance that hardened into an impression of your mouth and teeth. With the intra-oral scanner’s small hand-held wand, we can take accurate digital impressions quickly and easily, without tripping your gag reflex.

Even more, as we complete your scan, you will be able to view the impression on the monitor along with us.

We look forward to seeing you again at your next appointment with us. We love to make a great impression.